Abelson (ABL1) mutation analysis

Detection of mutations in the ABL kinase (ATP binding domain and P-loop). Resistance mechanism to Gleevec, Dasatinib, etc.
Lab Test name Contact Comments
IPG Gosselies Abelson (ABL1) mutation analysis pascal vannuffel
LHUB-ULB Abelson (ABL1) mutation analysis Pierre Heimann/Barbara Dessars/Hakim El Housni
based on Branford S et al. protocol
PCR on cDNA followed by sequence analysis

UZ Leuven MolPLUZ Abelson (ABL1) mutation analysis Jolien De Bie
Sample type: blood / bone marrow (EDTA, 2-5 ml)
Frequency: 1x/week
Test type: digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) on DNA with PrimePCR ddPCR Mutation Assay (Bio-Rad) for BCR-ABL1 p.Q252H, p.Y253H, p.E255K, p.T315I, p.F317L, p.F359V
BELAC accreditation number 215-MED