5th Scientific meeting (2014)

5th Scientific meeting (2014)

Program :

- "Welcome to the Digital (PCR) age!" Prof. Dr. Linos Vandekerckhove, UZ Gent, Belgium
- "Recent insights in Cancer Biology thanks to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)" Dr. Stein Aerts, UZ Leuven, Belgium
- "Patenting of genetic tests in Europe and the US" Dr. Julian Cockbain, Consultant European Patent Attorney, Belgium
- "Multiplex PCR to maximum : using a syndromic approach" Dr. Kate Templeton, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK
- "Biocartis sponsored topic: BRAF V600 Mutation Testing using Idylla™: a rapid, sensitive, direct FFPE sample-to-result System" Prof. Dr. Patrick Pauwels, UZA, Belgium
- "Challenges of diagnosis of arboviral infections by real-time PCR: a case report of a Belgian traveler with West Nile virus encephalitis" Dr.  Lieselotte Cnops, Instituut Tropische Geneeskunde, Belgium 
- "IS standardization and sensitivity optimisation of BCR-ABL1 quantification: the Belgian network approach" Dr. Brigitte Maes, Jessa Ziekenhuis, Belgium
- "Multiparameter screening by Taqman Array Cards, proof of principle and clinical outcome" Dr. Patrick Descheemaeker &  Dr. Marijke Reynders, AZ St-Jan Brugge, Belgium
- "Next generation sequencing of Immunoglobulin gene rearrangements: new insights" Dr. Patricia Groenen, RadboudUMC, The Netherlands  
- "Results of the MolecularDiagnostics.be study group: Storage conditions of respiratory samples" Dr. Anne Vankeerberghen, OLVZ Aalst, Belgium