IDH1 & IDH2 mutation analysis

Lab Test name Contact Comments
AZ St-Jan Brugge - Laboratoriumgeneeskunde IDH1 & IDH2 mutation analysis dr. Helena Devos/Friedel Nollet, Ph.D.
Method : sanger sequencing IDH1 gene (exon-4, p.Tyr42 to p.Gln138) and IDH2 gene (exon-4, p.Phe126 to p.Gln178)
Version date: 04/11/2017
ULB-Erasme Pathology IDH1 & IDH2 mutation analysis Nicky D’Haene
Sample Type: FFPE Tissue
Frequency: 1x/week
Test Type : part of the NGS Cancer Panel (50 genes with IDH1, IDH2, EGFR, TP53, PTEN, PDGFRA.....)
Version date: 11/10/2017
IPG Gosselies IDH1 & IDH2 mutation analysis P. Vannufel
C. De Rop
AML diagnostic: In-house method based on PrimePCR ddPCR assay for WT IDH1 R132, WT IDH2 R140 and WT IDH2 R172 to measure the ratio to actin by digital droplet PCR (Biorad)

AML follow-up: Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR - Biorad) with PrimePCR ddPCR mutation assay for a mutation at codon R132 of IDH1, codon R140 of IDH2 and codon R172 in IDH2.

Sample type: Blood and bone marrow
BELAC accreditation number: 381-MED
Version date: 07/09/2022