IgH hypermutation analysis

IgH hypermutation is a prognostic marker for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
Lab Test name Contact Comments
IPG Gosselies IgH hypermutation analysis P. Vannuffel
C. De Rop
In house method based on Fais et al, J. Clin. Invest, 1998 and Gregory at al, Journal of Immunology, 2003.
Sanger sequencing
Sample type: Blood and bone marrow
Version date: 02/09/2022
UZ Brussel - Molecular Hematology IgH hypermutation analysis Marleen Bakkus/Barbara Depreter
Prognostic parameter in CLL
Sample: DNA or 1 ml of EDTA bone marrow or blood
Assay: lymphotrack NGS kit (Invivoscribe)
Frequency: 1x/week
BELAC accreditation number: 141-MED
Version date: 12/04/2023
CHU Li├Ęge - Hemato IgH hypermutation analysis Dr Sc. Sabine Franke
Commercial assay: IgH Somatic Hypermutation Assay, InVivoScribe Technologies.

BELAC accreditation number: 128-MED
Jessa Hospital IgH hypermutation analysis Brigitte Maes/Ellen Geerdens
-Blood or bone marrow (1ml, EDTA)
-Biopsy (fresh or FFPE)
TRANSPORT: room temperature
FREQUENCY: 1x/week
TEST TYPE: PCR & Sequencing, in house method from van Dongen et al,Leukemia, 2003, Biomed-2
BELAC Accreditation number 275-MED
Version date: 25/05/2021
LHUB-ULB IgH hypermutation analysis Pierre Heimann/Laurent Dewispelaere/Pascale Cochaux/Hakim El Housni
SAMPLE TYPE: Peripheral blood or bone marrow (EDTA, 1-2 mL); biopsy (fresh)
TRANSPORT: room temperature, within 24h after sampling
FREQUENCY: upon request; max TAT: 5 weeks
TEST TYPE: Massive Parallel Sequencing (LymphoTrack SHM kit; INVIVOSCRIBE - CE IVD)
BELAC accreditation number 650-MED
Version date: 04/10/2021
AZ Delta IgH hypermutation analysis Elisabeth Moreau/Elke Boone
-Blood or bone marrow
FREQUENCY: on request
TEST TYPE: in house method VH-Leader (or Biomed FR1) PCR amplification followed by sequencing (ERIC recommendations)
Version date: 05/12/2017
ZNA Middelheim IgH hypermutation analysis Pieter De Schouwer
sample type:bone marrow ro EDTA blood
frequency:once a week
UZ Leuven MolPLUZ IgH hypermutation analysis Jolien De Bie
Sample type: blood / bone marrow (EDTA, 2-5 ml)
Frequency: 1x/week
Test type: PCR on DNA (can also be performed on RNA), based on Aubin et al, Leukemia 1995 and Campbell et al, Molecular Immunology 1992.
BELAC accreditation number 215-MED
AZ St-Jan Brugge - Laboratoriumgeneeskunde IgH hypermutation analysis dr. Helena Devos / Friedel Nollet, Ph.D.
VH-family leader and FR1 primer PCR + Sanger sequencing
Version date: 24/10/2019