IgH hypermutation analysis

IgH hypermutation is a prognostic marker for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
Lab Test name Contact Comments
IPG Gosselies IgH hypermutation analysis
UZ Brussel - Molecular Hematology IgH hypermutation analysis Marleen Bakkus/Christian Demanet
Prognostic parameter in CLL
Sample: DNA or 1 ml of EDTA bone marrow or blood
Assay: lymphotrack NGS kit (Invivoscribe)
Frequency: 1x/month
Version date: 26/09/2017
CHU Li├Ęge - Hemato IgH hypermutation analysis Dr Sc. Sabine Franke
Commercial assay: IgH Somatic Hypermutation Assay, InVivoScribe Technologies.
Jessa Hospital IgH hypermutation analysis Dr. Brigitte Maes, Femke Hillen
-Blood or bone marrow (1ml, EDTA)
-Biopsy (fresh or FFPE)
TRANSPORT: room temperature
FREQUENCY: 1x/week
TEST TYPE: PCR & Sequencing, in house method from van Dongen et al,Leukemia, 2003, Biomed-2
CUB Erasme - Medical Genetics Dpt IgH hypermutation analysis Pierre Heimann/Barbara Dessars/Hakim El Housni
IGH Somatic Hypermutation Assay v2.0 (Invivoscribe)
PCR and capillary electrophoresis
AZ Delta IgH hypermutation analysis Elisabeth Moreau/Elke Boone
-Blood or bone marrow
FREQUENCY: on request
TEST TYPE: in house method VH-Leader (or Biomed FR1) PCR amplification followed by sequencing (ERIC recommendations)
Version date: 05/12/2017
ZNA Middelheim IgH hypermutation analysis Pieter De Schouwer
sample type:bone marrow ro EDTA blood
frequency:once a week
UZ Leuven MolPLUZ IgH hypermutation analysis Lucienne Michaux / Els Lierman
Sample type: blood / bone marrow (EDTA, 2-5 ml)
Frequency: 1x/week
Test type: PCR on DNA (can also be performed on RNA), based on Aubin et al, Leukemia 1995 and Campbell et al, Molecular Immunology 1992.
AZ St-Jan Brugge - Laboratoriumgeneeskunde IgH hypermutation analysis dr. Helena Devos / Friedel Nollet, Ph.D.
VH-family leader and FR1 primer PCR + Sanger sequencing
Version date: 24/10/2019