BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis

detection of t(14;18) BCL2/IgH rearrangement
Lab Test name Contact Comments
AZ St-Jan Brugge - Laboratoriumgeneeskunde BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis dr. Helena Devos/Friedel Nollet, Ph.D.
- PCR on DNA for MBR, 3MBR and mcr breakpoints
Primers for BIOMED-2 consortium, Van Dongen et al. Leukemia (2003)
- FISH (contact: Barbara Cauwelier)
Version date: 04/11/2017
IPG Gosselies BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis
UZ Gent BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Barbara Denys
Karl Vandepoele
BIOMED-2 protocol according to van Dongen et al, Leukemia 2003;
Version date: 11/10/2017
UZ Brussel - Molecular Hematology BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Marleen Bakkus/Christian Demanet
PCR on DNA from bone marrow, peripheral blood or biopsies.
Sensitivity: 1E-04
Version date: 26/09/2017
CHU Liège - Hemato BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Dr Sc Sabine Franke
As described by JJM van Dongen et al., Leukemia, 2003.
UZ Gent - CMGG BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis nadine van roy
ZNA Middelheim BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Evelien Heylen
-Blood or bone marrow (1ml, EDTA)
-Biopsy (fresh or FFPE)
-CSF (or other fluids, 1ml)

FREQUENCY: 2x/week
TEST TYPE: in house real-time PCR detecting MBR and MCR breakpoints
AZ Delta BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Elisabeth Moreau/Elke Boone
-Blood or bone marrow (1ml, EDTA)
-Biopsy (fresh or FFPE)
-CSF (or other fluids, 1ml)
TEST TYPE: PCR, Biomed-2 protocol targets MBR, mcr and 3MBR (van Dongen et al,Leukemia, 2003)
Version date: 05/12/2017
Labo Cliniques Sud Luxembourg BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Nicolas Hougardy
- Blood (EDTA) (min 200µL)
- Bone marrow (EDTA) (min 2,5ml)
FREQUENCY: 1x/month
TEST TYPE: “ Identiclone BCL2/JH Translocation Assay ”(Invivoscribe), Experion Electrophoresis System (BioRad)
UZ Leuven MolPLUZ BCL2/IgH qualitative analysis Lucienne Michaux / Els Lierman
Sample type: blood / bone marrow (EDTA, 2-5 ml) / tissue (fresh)
Frequency: 1x/week
Test type: PCR on DNA, based on van Dongen et al, Leukemia 2003 (BIOMED-2 protocol).