BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis

detection of t(9;22) BCR-ABL1 fusion genes
Lab Test name Contact Comments
AZ St-Jan Brugge - Laboratoriumgeneeskunde BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis dr. Helena Devos/Friedel Nollet, Ph.D.
Multiplex RT-PCR, detects all common and most rare fusion genes (p210, p190, p230,...).
Based on Burmeister et al. Leukemia Res (2008)
Version date: 04/11/2017
UZ Brussel - Molecular Hematology BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Marleen Bakkus/Barbara Depreter
Sample type: EDTA blood (4 ml) or EDTA bone marrow (2 ml)
Transport: at room temperature, within 48h after sampling
Frequency: 1x/week
Multiplex RT-PCR, detects all fusion genes (p210, p190, p230,...).
Based on Cross et al. Leukemia (1994)
BELAC accreditation number: 141-MED
Version date: 12/04/2023
Jessa Hospital BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Dr. Brigitte Maes, Ellen Geerdens
Blood or bone marrow (1ml, EDTA)
TRANSPORT: room temperature, within 24h after sampling
FREQUENCY: 1x/week
TEST TYPE: Real-time RT-PCR, in house method from Gabert et al
GZA St-Augustinus BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Philippe Van Lint
Real-time PCR with EAC primers,
based on Gabert et al, Leukemia 2003;

Performed on whole blood, or bone marrow (EDTA)

BELAC accreditation number 404-MED
OLVZ Aalst BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Anne Vankeerberghen
Sample type:
EDTA-Blood (min. 10 million WBC) or bone marrow (min. 400 ┬ÁL)
Frequency: 1/week
Test type: Real time PCR (Europe against cancer Program; Beillard et al, 2003)
Version date: 06/05/2019
AZ Delta BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Elisabeth Moreau/Elke Boone
SAMPLE TYPE: Blood or bone marrow (1ml, EDTA)
FREQUENCY: 1x/2-weeks
TEST TYPE: RT-PCR (van Dongen et al, leukemia 1999)
Version date: 05/12/2017
UZ Gent - CMGG BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis nadine van roy
UZ Leuven MolPLUZ BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Jolien De Bie
Sample type: blood / bone marrow (EDTA, 2-5 ml)
Frequency: 1x/week
Test type: PCR on cDNA, detects p210, p190, p230 and other rare fusion variants, adapted from van Dongen et al, Leukemia 2009.
BELAC accreditation number 215-MED
UZ Gent BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis Barbara Denys,
Karl Vandepoele
RNA test
BELAC accreditation number 087-MED
Version date: 16/03/2021
IPG Gosselies BCR-ABL1 qualitative analysis P. Vannuffel
C. De Rop
In house method based on Gabert et al, Leukemia, 2003.
Sample type: Blood and bone marrow.
BELAC accreditation number: 381-MED.
Version date: 02/09/2022