ITS2 sequencing

Identification of Yeast Species by Sequence Analysis of the Internal Transcribed Spacer Regions
Lab Test name Contact Comments
OLVZ Aalst ITS2 sequencing Anne Vankeerberghen
Sample type:
Frequency: 1/week
Test type: ITS-2 sequence analysis
Version date: 06/05/2019
AZ Delta ITS2 sequencing Steven Vervaeke/Joke Breyne
SAMPLE TYPE: pure culture
FREQUENCY: on request
TEST TYPE: ITS sequencing (primers ITS1 and ITS4 from White et al., 1990)
Version date: 05/12/2017
LBR-UZGent ITS2 sequencing
Upon request. Primers ITS4 and ITS86
Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg ITS2 sequencing Dr. Els Oris, Katrien Vandebroek
Sample type:
clinical isolates (yeast and fungi)

UZ Leuven MolPLUZ ITS2 sequencing Katrien lagrou
Sample type: clinical isolate (yeast and fungi)
Frequency: once a week (starting with DNA-extraction on monday)
Test type: ITS sequencing (Primersets ITS1-4 and ITS86-4)
Version date: 19/10/2018